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the fresh perspective...


Too hot! Thermometer-537x358Now that we are into the swing of things (temperature wise), what plans do you have for your hair's protection?  Are you ready for sun?  The damage that can be caused to your unprotected hair can be controlled!  You just need to know a few simple things.

1) Wear a hat.  This type of protection is the best and keeps the sun rays directly OFF your locks.  You may be hot but your hair will thank you.

2) Try to use products that contain SPF.  If you can't wear a hat, this is the next best thing.

tumblr_maupylR5W11qjq7auo1_1280KEVIN+MURPHY+YOUNG+AGAIN+AND+SHIMMER+SHINE+SPRAYIn all your comings and goings this summer, please do not forget to protect your locks.  That's the fresh perspective...