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The new shop?


how-much-does-it-costs-to-renovate-4-room-hdb Guys, there was supposed to be a new shiny shop as of June 1.  The shop is not new yet.  The shop is not shiny yet.  We haven't started anything.  I was just wanted to keep you all posted on the status of our renovations, seeing that I've been talking about it for months...


The City of Winnipeg has been holding us up with permits and things.  I understand that permits are set in place to make sure that things go smoothly but good god!  I wish there was an easier way!  First to get by the permit thing, and then there's the actual renovations!  We all know that can be terrifying because one never knows how renos will end.


I can't wait, Christie can't wait, none of us can wait! I 'm sure you guys are excited too.  We have so much new things to share with you and the time is coming soon guys... It is coming!