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the fresh perspective...


I love this song....  Happy Valentines and LOVE to you all!  I'm sorry about the cheesy video but this song, this song!  I love the horns and I love the lyrics... Enjoy!  




We are in love

I know you so well I can tell by the sound of your voice If you're really in love with me And you are You are You know I can't lie If I say to you 'baby, I love you' Then baby, I love you And I do I do I do could it be that's the Phrase you thought never would phase you Well baby, you better hold on tight 'Cause I'm the one who's supposed to Kneel down and propose, well alright I might, I might So, when I kiss you good-night Just sleep tight with the thought that you'll Always be caught up in love with me And you'll dream that the stars up above Have the answer of whether we'll be Or whether we won't be In love Well, we are We are

That's the fresh perspective...