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Renée's Aesthetic



We are all guilty of having a celebrity crush.  Whether we like to admit it or not.  My crush of the moment is miss Cara Delevingne.  Her style screams attitude and confidence.  A sort of simplified/ladylike grunge.  She definitely seems to have an aesthetic of her own, which is incredibly alluring.  It's a complete package.  It is important to develop a look of your own but I love getting inspiration from other people.  Here are a few of my favourite looks of hers...

cara- striped pants

cara- pink hair

cara- tshirt

cara- face

cara- black on black

cara- tuque

cara- burger

Who doesn't love a burger every now and then?  If only we could all look as good as she does while chowing down on one...  But hey, nice nails!

-né xo