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the fresh perspective...


I sometimes like to read lyrics to songs as poems.  For me, when I read, the meaning is deepened.  This Alicia Keys song is wonderful, but as a poem?  I feel it's even better. [audio]

Tell someone today, how important they are to you.  Tell someone how much they mean to you.  We shouldn't have to wait for an event like Mother's Day to reach out to the ones we truly love...  That's the fresh perspective...

**"I Need You"

The sand loves when..the waves come The sky can't wait...for the light of the sun So how could you...look me in my eye And not see what, what I feel inside Tell me how could you... doubt the fact that I I love you... I love you

Don't you ever...think like that. Don't you ever...never do that? There will never be two things...that go together better Than you and me....

North needs south east needs west... No needs yes yes yes Up needs down life needs death... No needs yes yes yes

I need you I need you I need you

-Alicia Keys

**an excerpt