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Renée's Aesthetic



the power of a woman in a suit.

A suit has always been a fashion favorite of mine. Who says a lady can't rock a suit just as good (if not better) than the man next door. So, why not push the boundaries? By adding some personal flare, whether it be color, patterns, or accessories, you'll surely be turning heads.

This is all about confidence, not cockiness ladies. We can all use a little boost of this once in a while, and there's nothing wrong with having a little help from our wardrobe. Pop by a local thrift store to pick up some key, inspiring pieces. I've been obsessed with my red and white patterned blazer (which looks like grandmother's couch) as of recent. Even by tossing a cutesy little bow tie on, can be the perfect accessory. Often having one-three quality items are the stepping-stones we need to create that one-of-a-kind outfit.

These women prove that a suit CAN be for anyone, and pull it off so effortlessly. All I can say is...

drop. dead. gorgeous.

suit 1

suit 4

suit 12

suit 9

suit 6

- né xo