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high brow


Happy Monday Freshies! As Praise mentioned on Saturday, she and I have embarked on a post-holiday eyebrow overhaul. We've committed to lay down our tweezers, and give our brows a chance to recharge, and regrow.

The importance of a good brow cannot be overstated. As this study done at MIT states, the eyebrow may play a more important role than even eyes in facial recognition.


A well-shaped brow can emphasize your features, while a poorly shaped brow can detract from those features and take your face hostage, as evidenced by these young ladies:

meow brow


long brow

According to the New York Times, brow hair grows on average for 30 days, and rests for a period of 3 months, whereas hair on your scalp has a tendency to grow for 2-6 years, while resting for a period of 100 days.  This means that if you're attempting to plump those babies up, patience is key!

Paste some photos of brow-spiration in your bathroom to keep you on the right track! My 'brow shrine' is laden with images of Jennifer Connelly, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, and of course, Baby-Brooke.

Getting-beautiful-eyebrows audrey ElizabethTaylor14 marie_claire07

Grab a brow pencil, or cut a pair of eyelash-grazing, brow-concealing bangs, and join us in our quest for the perfect brow.

Post your favorite brow heroes or horror stories in the comments below!

xxo pascale