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the fresh perspective...


Photo on 2011-12-03 at 01.29I'm growing out my eyebrows.  I found this photo of me with a heavy bang.  A heavy bang is a great way to mask a hairy situation on your face. Depending how fast/slow your hair grows you may have a nice full look by the time you need a bang trim... British Fashion Awards 2012 - Inside ArrivalsI'm using these women with thick brows as my inspiration.  I know my brows won't look like any of these gals but it's still nice to wish for something right?

Brooke_cp88337754_400Pascale has also joined me in operation 'grow your brows' and cut some sassy bangs last week to distract through the process.  Unfortunately for me, Pascale will probably be able to have Brooke's (above) or Jennifer's (below) brows.  Her hairs are thick, coarse and close together with a great rich brown color.   My eyebrow hairs are fine, sparse and my color is definitely not dark or rich...

490713-eyebrowsGrowing out your brows can be fun if you plan it out a little more.  Stay tuned for my eyebrow updates...


That's the fresh perspective...