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magic monday


Happy Monday! Pascale here, receptionist at Freshair Boutique, and your new Monday Blogger. I have all sorts of posts lined up for you guys, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe in order to keep up with all things FRESH.

After a solid few weeks of holiday-induced bad habits, I've started to feel pretty sluggish and lazy. So sluggish and lazy, that after a long day of work, I just can't be bothered to do anything more than eat my roommate's leftover perogies and my go-to snack of smoked oysters and sour cream on Triscuits.

Whenever I feel myself getting into this funk, I know it's time to turn to my beloved Braun MP80 Juicer.

braun mp80

I inherited this juicer when my parents made the upgrade what I believe is the Holy Grail of juice-extracting machines, THE BREVILLE.

These days, living such fast-paced lives as we do, it can be difficult to get the necessary nutrients from our foods. Nutrients that are important for whole body, as well as hair and skin health. For those of you who aren't super-fans of those dark leafy greens (rich in iron, zinc, and essential B vitamins) adding a few leaves of kale, a handful of spinach or a few florets of brocoli to a beet/apple/carrot juice is a great way to get your servings of veggies while limiting the 'yuck factor'.

I picked up a copy of this great book, Juicing For Life, courtesy once more of my brilliant mama, who is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things health and wellness.


This book, (which I understand now has a much more chic, updated cover) has pages upon pages of information on how juicing can benefit those with disorders or ailments ranging from Varicose Veins to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Eczema.

I find that within a few days of steady juicing (and easing up on the cheese burgers) there is a noticeable improvement in my skin and hair, as well as my energy levels. Here's a few of my favorite juices, for you to try at home!

Cherry Lime Fizz

This one is less of a juice, and more of a great, sugar-free alternate to soda. I added the cherries to give it a bit of colour, but feel free to use any fruits you have lying around. Peaches, grapes, lemons, pears, and melons all taste great.

Juice the following, pour it over ice, and top off with sparkling water.

1 lime (depending on your juicer, you may want to cut off most of the peel) 1 apple 5-10 cherries, pitted

Beauty Spa Express

This is a great mid-day juice, full of B vitamins. The carrot and apple really steal the show.

one handful of spinach one handful of parsley 4-5 carrots 1/2 -1 apple, seeded.

Fresh Complexion Express

A great morning juice! Pineapples aren't exactly in season, but they are a great source of Vitamin C.

2 slices fresh pineapple (with skin) 1/2 cucumber 1/2-1 apple, seeded

Ginger Hopper

Don't be afraid to add more ginger to this one!

1/4 inch slice ginger root 4-5 carrots 1/2 apple, seeded 1 small beet

Any of these recipes can be used as a rough guideline, don't be afraid to experiment! As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.' Try adding half a lemon and an apple to a particularly heavy vegetable juice, or a beet to lend some depth to a light, fruity juice.

Leave any juice suggestions, or questions you have below, and be sure to stay tuned this week for more posts from the Freshair team!