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Enjoying the ride!


We have a new writer here at freshfood!  Renée is our esthetician and she will be posting on Thursdays.  Renée's Aesthetic will give you information about your skin, nails, and general health and lifestyle.  I'm very excited about having her here so please check her out!

This blog has grown so much over the years and I have to thank everyone that reads or subscribes to us.  I was skeptical about an 'on-line' presence in the beginning and now I see the value.  I appreciate the amount of people I can reach at any given time and try to make every interaction count.

It's a wonder to me how the internet ACTUALLY works.  To think that someone half way around the world could be reading our posts, and sharing in Freshair Boutique's journey, is mind blowing.

What else can I say?  Thanks for supporting, keep reading and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  That's what we aim to do, give you all info and try to share some of our stories and experiences with you.


**hey boys... will resume next month.