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This product line is very, very interesting and I've been using it here and there this past week.  It has about 25 items and the prices range from $26-$40.  That's a healthy chunk of change!  Especially now with the added taxes to your services in the salon.

How much is too much to spend?  When does the 'brand' become bigger than the actual product and then is reflected in the price?  Do expensive products really work better than the cheap stuff?  All of these questions make sense and are things you should be thinking about when you do spend your hard-earned money...  My perspective is simple.  You get what you pay for.

The Kevin Murphy brand has went to extreme lengths to make sure that the ingredients in all their products are the best for your health, skin and hair.  Where they can, they use all natural and where they can't they use what's better and that may mean more money.  They don't care because they believe that the stylists using these products also have more exposure to the items.

I can go through about three products on a head.  I may have anywhere up to 8-10 heads in one day.  That's a lot of spray I'm breathing in...  Kevin Murphy cares about me too and that's well, fantastic!  This line does have many products in it and I'm sure there's something for everyone.  The questions are simple and can only be answered by you.  That's the fresh perspective...

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