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Okwumabua Olympics 2012?


  So I hope we all had a fruitful weekend and are now ready and rested to take on the new work week.  We are in the process of doing some mild renovations so I'll tell you that I am not that rested, but my weekend was fruitful.  I accomplished almost all that I set out to do.

Today I will do more running around and if possible try catching some more of the Olympics.  I love the Olympics!  In high school athletics was my jam and I dreamed of representing Canada...  Oh well...

Something about the Olympics does fascinate me.   Countries from all over coming together... Watching the opening ceremonies and seeing all the contestants in their native wears...  All the volunteer dancers and bodies moving in unison for my entertainment... Whoo! I love it!

The mere fact that they only happen once a year can only speak to the fact that the Olympics are no joke.   Four years needed to draw up plans, four years to practice routines, four years to hone your skill, not to talk of the money spent...

I am part of a wedding in less than two weeks and although we didn't have four years to plan it, it will be great!  All the painting and the buying of 'stuff', the Costco lists and the sleeping-arrangement-layouts are not for nothing, and on the 5th when my family starts to arrive, our wedding games will begin and just like the Olympics, will be over before we know it.

FYI: Canada is on the medal board with one bronze so far...