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I was out with a friend last night and she made me think about a few things.  I felt like I had a new perspective on the way that I live my life.  You see, she's been away for two years and her first impressions of me last night were odd.  Hearing someone say things about you or even hearing yourself say things you've only heard in your head are a bit startling and a touch troubling... I view myself in a way that I'm comfortable with and if someone else views me in a way I am NOT comfortable with??  Well, things got a little sticky, then stickier.  I realized some stuff and began to really gaze with a fresh perspective.  I gotta put the shoe on the other foot sometimes and swallow a bit of my pride.  I gotta be more empathetic to those who need it and patient with my little people.


What does that word even mean?

Is it a way of regarding situations and facts and judging their relative importance?  Is it just an accurate point of view or objectivity?   Is it just admitting to the simple truth that no matter what, we all have roles to play in this show called life?  I cannot ever know what it would be like to play you.  I can only play me and every once in a while if we really connect, we can view life a little differently.

That got a little deep...that was the fresh perspective...