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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Now that it's fall, it's time to prepare my skin for the chilling temperature that is around the corner (okay, not that soon, but soon).  I've been an Oil of Olay girl for years and have recently went back to the cocoa butter.  I think that the type of conditioning you receive from this lotion is bar none.  I challenge anyone to try to recommend something better.  I have been using lotion from the beginning of my life and only a few moisturizers keep my skin from getting ashy.  If you are black (yeah I said it) or have really dark skin, you may find that in the winter months you need a heavier moisturizer to get you through.  Palmer's cocoa butter has been around for ages and works so well.  It smooths out scars and marks and  if you've had a few kids like myself and have some lingering stretch marks, this will totally help.

Some pros:  it smells nice and fresh and keeps skin moisturized ALL DAY LONG!  Some cons: it takes a long time for your marks to go away  and if your skin doesn't get too dry this cream may be to heavy for you.

In short, this lotion is great for someone who tends to get really dry skin, who may have some scarring, and anyone in between.  If you have any more useful info about this product holler at me... If you have any useful info about any product I've reviewed please shoot me a comment.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and you know, that's the fresh perspective...

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