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I have a dream...job that is!!!


I just had a great conversation with my client/friend Carla.  She was just telling me some nice things about how I do my job and we got to chatting... Carla has been seeing me for years and in the time that we have been together I have noticed that she has changed so much!  Apart from her hairs, her demeanor and attitude towards life has really taken off.  Talking to her today made me realize a few things...  First, she said that when she used to go to the hair dressers they would always tell her about her limitations... Your heads too small, your hair's too fine... It's silly because everyone knows the crappy things about their hair already... (Tell me something I don't know, jerk)... It made her feel worse about herself, and then she would have to pay!!

Since seeing me she said she felt like I never talked about her limitations but about all the possibilities we could address regarding her hair.  She said that she feels like I want her to leave my chair empowered and I want her to be able to do the things that I do to her hair herself.  Ahhhh... it was such a great talk and hearing her say the things that I believe that I do makes me feel like I am doing the dreamiest job ever!! I absolutely love what I do and I want that to translate to every client in my chair.

I want you guys to know that if you are feeling a little 'dead end' with your stylist it's okay to express it to them.  Tell them about what bothers you... Tell them about your hair hopes and wants... Tell them everything and hopefully they will want to help you along.  If your stylist could care less about you and your hair then I suggest you move on.  Try another stylist in the same shop before you leave the shop altogether.  You'd be surprised about the other talents in the shop you've been frequently visiting and may find a perfect match.  When choosing a stylist or shop try to pick one that jives with you and your style.  That way you can be able to be comfortable enough to say things about your hair woes.

Thanks Carla for chatting with me about the way a client/stylist relationship should be!  You inspire me as well!!