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Sparkler Gloss Shine Spray

Howdy! I realize that because we are a Schwarzkopf Elite salon we carry a boat load of OSIS and a lot of the products I review are OSIS! I will review a product that is NOT OSIS next week.  I promise...



-smells great

-easy to apply

-good for all hair types

-adds plenty of shine


-no hold

-can make hair greasy if over-sprayed

If you are a real deal hair 'styler' you need to add this product to your repertoire.  If you have poker straight hair this spray will give you shine like you've never seen in your entire life!  If your hairs are curly then you know it's hard to achieve shine and because this product comes in a spray form you can add it to your coif without disturbing your curls.  That's the fresh perspective...

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