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Feet on ground...


I must say, I had a pretty decent weekend so far.  I went out yesterday and did some much-needed summer shopping for the ladies.  On my way to said task, I broke my shoe.  Not the kind of 'break' that you can fake and still wear either.  I had to throw them out. Un-wearable!!

I had about three other stores to go to and for me to go home to get a new pair was out of the question.  I had to go to Old Navy for the ladies and I remembered that they have cheap flip flops.  Do you want to know what I did?  I walked from my car, into the store, up to the first Old Navy face I saw and asked where the flippy floppies were.  All of this done while I was barefoot!!  Can you believe it?!!  I walked outside and into a public store sans shoes!!  It was so weird and yet so liberating.  I battled with myself all the way over to the store thinking, 'you really gonna do this? you really gonna put your pedicured  feet on the asphalt and then on the grody cement? really Praise?'  Answer.  Yes.  Yes I did, and I got so much done.

Here's to not letting my stupid insecurities keep me from getting stuff done.  By the way, I got the best white 'mens' shirts for the ladies in my shopping extravaganza.  I'm glad I got it done and my shoes, RIP.  You gals had served me well and seen my feet through many a dance party, errands, work shifts and all the other stuff shoes do for you.  You will be missed...