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Softn' Straight

So now we are onto 'no volume'.  Softn' Straight is a light cream that is used to protect hair while straightening.  If you are adamant about forsaking your flat iron you can use a round brush to dry  your hair anyways.  The round brush will just give a bit of direction to your hair on the ends and a titch of volume, it won't last though...  For poker straight hair this cream is very nice...



-nice scent

-long lasting

-great shine


-too light (if you have thick hair)

-small container

There we have it.  By the way, if anyone wants to recommend a product that you love, maybe I could try it and let the masses know what I think about it.  I feel like there might be a few stipulations but I wouldn't mind hearing your fresh perspective on some other products... Holla at me... That's the fresh perspective...

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