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Have you ever wondered?...


I'm taken back to being young and having pointless conversations with friends about things that, at that time, seemed to matter the most... For instance that classic phone call (about 6 times since the incident) seems to go on forever.  You were at the park,  you saw him,  he saw you...hours pass...then he says 'Hi Praise' and the cripple are walking, world hunger is eradicated and all the blind little children see!  A miracle!  A miracle that consumes every conversation after that...

'he said 'Hi Praise', what does that mean? does he like me?'

'of course he likes you, why would he come all the way over here to say 'hi'.'

' i dunno, i wonder if he was just saying hi because...'

We all know how it goes, sitting, thinking, contemplating...  I find sitting, thinking, and contemplating always works when I'm trying to make a decision that benefits only me.  Let's face it, sitting, thinking, and contemplating sucks when the outcome will have nothing to do with you, or how you feel.

I don't know if it's just the stage in my life, but I am beginning to feel like that is the secret to youth.  The ability to enjoy something so small and simple without even realizing it.  Sitting around and 'wondering' doesn't happen for me anymore, but I get the feeling that if I took off a whole day (once a week) and just chilled out I would be more rested, energized and maybe feel a bit younger, or at least my age!  I realize that at my age, people (especially if you're athletic) feel at least 3-5 years older than they really are.  I am aiming at feeling at least my own age... What am I trying to say?... Take time to just wonder, take time to smell the fresh air, take time to wonder...