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Osis Dust It

Ok, I'm totally on a volume kick.  I am following up with this dry shampoo/volumizer.  Greasy roots? A case of flat head?  Use dust it.  It's great even in your bangs if you can't get a bang wash in.  I've only ever had two clients who absolutely hated this product so Kristin and Mel DO NOT take the poll... Ha! That's right, I called them out...


-small container

-has no real scent


-amazing concept (it eats grease!)


-hard to blend in on dark hair

-sometimes feels cold

-not cheap

-small amount in bottle

I have never tried any other dry shampoo/volumizer but I don't think you can go wrong with any specific brand.  Basically, Osis Dust It is awesome but I'm sure that any brand of this type of product is never a bad thing to have.  It should be part of your styling product line up.  That's the fresh perspective...

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