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Do Something


Last night I watched the Do Something awards on VH1.  It was a very cool concept.  Celebs and normal people were being rewarded for making a difference in their communities and the world.  It was very inspiring and I felt like it was about time that we noticed the folks that do something. This morning on the way to work it hit me.  I love my job!  I don't know how many people can say that about their chosen career paths but I think it's makes a difference in the overall view of my life.  It doesn't hurt that I work with the most coolest ladies of all time.  Some are designers and the other are stylists and they inspire me ALL THE TIME.  Just a side bar about creative people.  I hate when people think that being creative means you have a get out of jail free card for messing up.  You know the type, "oh, she a hairstylist so..." or "that guy? he's an artist".  So bogus.  Creative people can have a decent balance between their left and their right side of their brains.  Take me for example, I used to be sooper wacky (yep, spelt it with two o's...left brained) and as I have gotten older I realize that I can still wear make-up on one eye and be taken seriously... Ok, seriously, maybe not the make-up on one eye but you get my drift.   Creative folks add just as much to the richness of society as the non-creatives... It's almost like we give people reasons to chat, i.e. Lady Gaga.  She takes doing something to a whole new level but I can't fault her...  She probably inspired a lot of young girls and designer/artists to stay true to their craft as crazy as it seems.

Back to the meat and potatoes of my rant:  Just try something different.  Compliment someone.  Motivate a stranger.  If you always choose 'A', next time choose 'B'.  It simply cannot hurt.  Try bangs the next time you're in your stylist chair or maybe go lighter/darker with your next color.  Call up and old friend or make a decision you would usually never make.  Do something for yourself and then maybe for someone else...  I'm gonna give it to you straight, if you're not the type to 'do something' it might take you a few times before you get the cojones ( pronounced ka' hones, a vulgar spanish word for testicles, denoting courage) to do it, but if you entertain it one day you will.  I promise.  You will.  It just takes a bit of time.  If you think that you could never try something new or do something different then I guess start there.  Start thinking about doing something.  That's it, that's all...