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Fresh Food!!


So, this afternoon I was setting up my patio set on the deck and decided that my family and I will be eating dinner outside asap. I'd like to do it soon cause right now there aren't any mosquitoes. My daughter and I enjoyed a thin crust spinach pizza this afternoon for our late lunch and it was so beautiful outside. Summertime for me makes everything better. I love running errands this time of year...I love doing anything actually when it's sunny out and there is a cool breeze.

I have been doing this menu planning thing for about two months now and I realize that with the onset of the nice whether I should be incorporating more salads into my meals. The 'menu' thing I speak of consists of me planning out about two weeks worth of meals and then grocery shopping for the main ingredients. Somethings I buy the day of so I can have it fresh, but generally I grab all the stuff when I do my full grocery shopping about every two weeks. I felt that I fell into a rut making the same seven things until now. This new way allows me to look through all my cookbooks and pick out some new recipes. I must say that so far all my new picks went over well except for my Pad Thai variation that I made for my husband. Let's just say it didn't 'sit' well. In my own defence the recipe called for shrimp (which I made for myself) and I substituted beef for the version I made for him. Maybe that was a bad choice...

Side bar...I love caesar salad but I think it's time to branch out a little bit. I'm going to look for a salad cookbook and go nuts. Folks, I'm branching out!! My branching out will consist of eating fresh salads on my deck without any polish on my toes. Ha!