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REduce, RE-use, REcycle...REvolution?


Had a great weekend... It was fast, fun and quite efficient.  The staff and I went to a mini seminar that gave us some new insight on how our industry works and I can't help to wonder where things will be in twenty years after everything is controlled by some sort of hand-held device...(that's for another post).

We had a bit of a debrief and got into a conversation about product consumption and what is really 'bad' for us.  Don't we have the right to know?  Shouldn't we be able to make better choices for ourselves if we want?  As individuals, don't we owe it to ourselves to find out as much as we can, about as much as we can, especially when usage/consumption of products can really affect us in the upcoming years?

There are so many questions to be asked and if there was 72 hours in a day maybe I would dedicate 2 of them to do a bit of research.   I could look into the manufacturing and ingredients of products that I use on my skin and foods and chemicals I ingest.  How much do these things matter to me and how much do they matter to you?  If my level of wanting more knowledge surpasses yours is that okay?  Am I still selling myself short if I don't research or stop using aerosols and polish?  What is acceptable and what is extreme?

I believe that all of us have the answers ourselves and it's up to each and every one of us to do what we think is needed in our own lives to feel like we can make a change.  I only want to bring awareness to everyone so that maybe we can have the honest conversation with ourselves as to what the revolution means to you?  Will you give up the use of your microwave in the name of healthier living?  Will you stop using hair products that are full of harmful chemicals?  Do you give up any type of food that is processed improperly?  Do you only patronize businesses that 'do more'?  What can we really do to start making ourselves feel like we are in control of the direction our lives are going in?

Take a stand for yourself and for your family.  Make a decision about the things that you can do and the things that you may be willing to live without.  It starts with you, and never feel like you don't do enough or feel ashamed because you love nail polish.  You can take a stand for yourself and the earth and whatever else that matters to you.  The revolution has begun.  It doesn't take much to be a part of it.  It just takes a decision.