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magic monday - bag lady




Renée is our favourite brow magician and nail artist.

renee's purse

Her bag was a gift from her brother, who purchased it while backpacking in Mexico.

renee's bag

Here’s what we found inside:

01 Daisy Roll on Perfume by Marc Jacobs 02 Lactaid - Don't ask, I'm not even lactose intolerant... 03 Lint Roller- I'm a cat mom! 04 Lush Liquid Lipstick in Charm 05 *Mint + Hazel Earrings 06 iPhone 07 Alice Munro - Lives of Girls & Women 08 iPod Shuffle 09 *Priti NYC Nail Strengthener 10 Joe Eyeliner 11 Nail Files- I can't stand snags in my nails. If they happen to break, I've always got a quick fix! 12 Sunglasses 13 MAC Lipstick 14 Day Planner 15 Blistex 16 Acrylic Paint 

All starred items are available in our boutique, so come visit us and pick up a few of Renée's favourite items!

have a great week, everybody!

xxo p