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magic monday - helmet hair


it's that time of year again! time to dust off your trusty two wheelers, and hit the mean streets!girl on bike

it's easy to look cute on a bike, but when you add a helmet into the mix, it seems we all start running into a bit of trouble. LUCKILY, there are some amazing, cute hairstyles you can pair with your favorite helmet!

(I love my crisp white Bern)


Here's a little roundup of my favorite helmet friendly styles.

fishtail pigtails

if your hair is on the longer side, try sprucing up the traditional pigtail by adding  some fishtail into the mix.

half crown

a simple half up, half down style like this braided one is great if you still want your locks loose and flowing.

low bun

low, messy buns are a simple option for those low on time.


this side roll is a bit trickier, but perfect for glamorous night out.

twisted buns

these three twisted buns are an easy, fun take on the low bun.

side braid

a long, side braid is a fantastic way to show off your length while avoiding windswept tangles.

simplegibsontuckthe gibson roll is a favorite of our dear christie (who looks great in a helmet).

happy trails, and happy monday! xxo p