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Thanking You!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada today!

Typically I would say thanks to everyone who has affected my life since last October and because my list seems to grow more and more with the opening of the salon I can never directly send my gratitude to everyone I know has shown the same to me.  I am reminded of a song that I used to sing that sometimes made me a titch emotional thinking of all the people who came to mind when I would sing the lyrics.  To all of you, thank you, thank you, and I thank you!!


'Cause even though when times get rough
You never turned away
You were right there
And I thank you
When I felt I had enough
You never turned away
You were right there
And I thank you

All through my life
I knew that you'd be my world
Knowing every where I go
Things you taught me they would show
So many times and changes
You've seen me through
I sure enough couldn't have survived without you
And so I thought up this song
To show my appreciation for lovin' me so long...
You don't know how much you mean to me