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Monday Blog


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Monday Blog

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Mood Boosters!

Do you have any tricks that can change your mood around in an instant? Here’s a short list of some of the things I do to snap myself out of a little funk in my day.

  • Get the heck outside and let the sun hit you in the face

  • Listen to a podcast you enjoy

    • I typically do crime podcasts, which may be weird since they’re quite depressing. I just get so caught up in the story and it takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me.

  • Blast some cheery music

    • My go-to right now is pretty much anything by Lizzo, especially Truth Hurts and Juice. Seriously. Try to not dance, I dare you.

  • Exercise

    • Run, walk, jog, bike, rollerblade… whatever tickles your fancy. You’ll feel much better, even if it’s a quick 20 minutes.

  • Body Contact

    • Hug a friend or loved one. Just a little bit of affection can go a long way. This applies only if you’re the hugging type, I suppose.


Kitchen dance party

  • Dance around like a fool and give yourself some energy.

  • Treat yourself

    • This means something different to all of us. Whether it’s doing a mini spa night and bath, or buying yourself the shoes you’ve had your eyes on for the past month. Treat Yourself!

  • Organize a space

    • Maybe colour code your closet or organize your junk drawer. This small feat will help you feel accomplished.

What type of things help you break through a bad mood? What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? We want to know!