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Freshair Boutique presents...


CORI JAYE 11169979_940448659340185_6032561606953965807_nWe have officially kicked off our art initiative!  This Thursday we are having a special showing of our new art installation. Cori Jaye will be the third artist to be featured, and we are hosting a viewing from 6-9 pm.

11075193_921520157899702_525560048510862934_nOur initiative aims to expose local artists to Winnipeg.  Freshair Boutique is passionate about the Arts and our new shop has a gallery feel!  Every 12 weeks we will feature a new artist.  We're very excited about this endeavor and are hoping we can really help support this growing community.

If you know of any local artists that may be interested in joining our initiative, please contact with the details of artist.  If you live in Winnipeg, we hope to see you!