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Winter has once again graced us with her unforgettable presence.  Now more than ever, I just want to wrap myself in the coziest of blankets, lay by a crackling fire, sip on homemade apple cider, all while listening to the enchanting tunes of Miles Davis.  This sounds about perfect to me. That being said, I'm sure there's more than a few of you out there who would love nothing more than to hibernate during our cold winter months.  Unfortunately there's no stopping the snow from falling, while every day life continues to call our names.

I know how difficult it is to see the joy in -25 weather, when you're scraping the icicles off your car or sitting at a windy bus stop on your way to work.  Not to mention trying to keep your poor little hands warm as you can feel them throbbing from the cold and beginning to crack.  I've been fighting a continuous battle with winter, in the efforts of taking proper care of my hands (something I use EVERY day).  As part of my first blog post and the first major snowfall of the season, I wanted to share a few simple little tips on how to help your hands survive until spring.

1. ALWAYS wear gloves.

2. Moisturize constantly.

3. Exfoliate!  Preferably a few times a week (don't be shy to go up to the elbow, and keep those cuticles in mind).

4. Use good quality product, plain and simple.  There's a lot of stuff out on the shelves that may be inexpensive but that are packed with ingredients that do nothing or can even damage our skin. My top favorites right now are Malie Organics Koke'e scrub and hand & body lotion.

5. Get a manicure.  It's a great time for some pampering.  It's not all about the polish ladies and gents, you'll leave with great shaped nails, cuticles trimmed, and skin feeling extra smooth from the hand and arm massage.  How could you go wrong?

Even though these are just a few simple ideas, trust me they work.  Remember, take preventative measures to get you on the right track to self-care.  Happy Winter everyone!