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So I just want to go on a leet-le rant.  Not that it's a big deal but it's kind of a big deal.  I should include this in the Salon Etiquette Series but...whatever. So we've all been there.  Picture it.  You walk into your fave salon with your Meg Ryan inspired photo of color and cut.  You have big plans that evening to go on a hot date and you made this appointment because, let's face it, you can't style your own hair.  At the end of the appointment your hair is actually not quite right.  The color is perfect but the cut?  Nothing like Meg's.  You feel weird because the color was bang on but the cut just seemed a little off and maybe it was also the way it was styled...

What is a girl to do?  Well, I'll tell you.  You should say something to your stylist.  If you want to go home first and 'see how it goes' do so, but if you feel really uncomfortable then say something right then.  I believe most hairstylists inherently want their clients to LOVE what they do to them.  I believe most stylists know that people will ask, "who did your hair?"  I believe that if you explain yourself politely to your stylist he/she will understand why you are unhappy.

Please keep in mind that there is only so much that they can do if your cut it too short, or over thinned.  If it's a color issue, then there is always a solution.  I will say though, with a color solution, there may be some hair damage.  Coloring hair a few times in one sitting can dry your hair out.  But it is possible to fix any color issue.  Cut issues, are a little harder because once it's cut off it's gone.  Apart from hair extensions, which are costly, there is not much else that can be done.

I think the best way to avoid not liking your hair is to pair yourself to a salon/stylist that's similar to your hair wants and needs.  If you are a quick in/quick out type, maybe don't frequent the Shops that promote relaxing, languid appointments.  Shops that have deals for mani/pedi/color/cut combos are wanting  you to spend time in their space.  Maybe a shop that has only hair cutting services is for you.  If you're the type that wants to go somewhere for an experience then the shop with the combo services might be for you.

Shops like these, Freshair Boutique and others, are the types of shops that  you can ask the staff a little more about fashion and beauty.  Not to take anything away from the Zippy Cuts of the world, but they aren't really pushing contemporary looks in hair and fashion.  These types of places are great for just cuts in a timely manner but may not have a pulse on what the fashionistas are up to.

The long and short of my rant is that if you are feeling like the salon you are now frequenting seems to be causing you grief then maybe your salon/stylist match is off.  Maybe if you do some deep soul searching, you may find out that you've been going to a shop where they and the stylists aren't on the same page as you and may not know what makes you tick.  That's all...that's the fresh perspective...

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