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Hey boys...


Now that the weather is changing we can get away with less heavy coats, jackets and things... For today's post I'd like to write about layering.  Layering is a great way to keep warm without wearing too much heavy stuff.  My friend above has three things on.  White men's shirt, hoodie and cotton blazer.   The key here is to make sure that every layer is thin enough to fit under the next one.

I also think that your physique will come into play here.  If you're quite lean, three layers may be fine but if you're a bit thicker then maybe only two...

It's all about the weight of the material and the amount of layers.  Give this look a try and remember that in most cases layering is more of a casual look.  Even if you add a tie like my friend in the first picture you will still run the risk of looking a titch casual.  Boys, I'm thinking about you and just want to make sure you guys are alright.  You alright? Good...