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How is your hair doing?


The Holidays are just around the corner and all we can think about is everyone else.  Who's getting what? Who's coming over? Who's watching the children?  Who's driving?  It's a bit maddening...  With all the hustle and bustle I feel like we forget about ourselves.

All that being said, I am pretty booked up into the new year and so I guess not everyone has forgotten totally about themselves.  But I think there could be more to that?  Everyone goes nuts at this time of year to make sure that all is up to par in their lives including their hair.  You may be neglectful of your locks all year round and then, BOOM! December hits and all you can think of is how many functions you have to attend and how much money you'll be spending.  Then...your hair!  You book your services in December to be ready for the festivities of the holidays but how much do you really care about your hair?

We never think to ask ourselves how are hairs are doing.  December is a busy month and also the beginning of the cold, cold, season we call winter.  Your hair will need some TLC and with all your holiday shopping and planning, squeezing in a haircut is great but maybe what you should also be doing is a deep conditioning treatment a few times this season as well.  Also, maybe in the new year after all your parties, you can give your hair a hot tool break for a few days.

Just wanted to remind you of yet another thing to add to you to-do list, (like you don't have enough).  I hope that this week we can all find some time to give our hairs a little tender loving care.  To you and your hairs, have a great week!

Oh, all this stuff applies to man hairs as well...  Just because you don't use hot tools doesn't mean your hairs are doing great...I'm just saying...