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My sunshine has come...


Oh my Lord above the earth!!!! It's been too long!!!! I've been so busy!!!!  Unfortunately the only way you can feel my exasperation is through the use of flagrant exclamation marks!!!! Aaaaaargh!!!!

I've been thinking about what to write and in my last post I was going to tell you about my 'discovery'.  Well.  It's on hold.  Nothing has been discovered yet except that my sunshine has come.  This Friday will be my first evening home in almost 23 days.  Can you believe it!!!! Well. Believe it.  It's the honest truth...

I've been feeling so run down lately and June (my sunshine) has arrived.  So much went down in May...  To give you an idea I will go through my month in point form (if you don't care, skip to the bottom):

- 1/2 marathon

-massage (cause of the marathon)

-art show

-dinner plans

-teeth cleaning

-breakfast meeting

-color class

-nail appointment

-staff meeting

-bank appointment (shout out to RBC)

-dinner meeting

-IIF lunch

-birthday party

-may long party


-glamour party

-Otito's party


-Lauryn Hill (sort of)

-book club

Hmmm... this list didn't really work like I thought it would...(thought it would show my hard working self...).  It looks like I just love to attend 'parties'.  In my defense, not all of the parties were 'Praise just attending'...  Some parties did require some work, OK two parties...

Anyways, my June calendar as it stands is going to be more open so I could lounge, rest, and chill with my man and the ladies.  We are planning a little family holiday and I am counting down the days till the real sunshine.