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The Ladies...


I went to bed last night with the worst headache and woke up with the same one. I don't know if there is anything worse than a headache... That constant throbbing...aargh...  Anyways the worst part is that I did it to myself.  I went for a long run yesterday and drank practically 1 oz of water and my body is dehydrated and angry with me... My ladies don't seem to care that I pissed my body off last night and were up and at them this morning with their usual 'lady babyness'.  Suffice it to say, I popped some Tylenol and I'm feeling a bit better about the day.  It's going to be a busy one, banking, bill paying, house cleaning, cooking, all with the ladies.

Don't get me wrong, Mondays with the ladies are pretty great!  We now have things figured out and because it is getting lovelier outside, it  will make our busy day a bit more bearable...  As I type I'm feeling a little better but unfortunately even if my pain does not subside I must still continue on with the ladies...wish me luck!!