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Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner

This product is absolutely amazing!!  I love the smell, the bottle, the everything. Mixed Chicks is hard to find and we are the only ones that carry it in the province!  It works the best for people with tight curls... FYI you don't have to be a mixed chick to use it, but you do have to have the right type of curl for it to work.  My hair type is too curly for it...


-great bottle

-good smell

-easy to apply

-makes hair nice and curly without frizz

-not too heavy


-need quite a bit

-you need the specific type of curl for it to not for ALL curly hair types

-shampoo and deep conditioner aren't that good

Since we are the only ones on the province that carry this product come down and check it out.  If your hair is curly, you can get some samples and try the whole line.  We also have a unique feature to help reduce waste.  Bring back your bottle and we'll refill it for 20% less.  Saves you money and some plastic.

Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner is fantastic, I like it and that's the fresh perspective...

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