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the fresh perspective


Essensity Natural Shine Serum:

This product is from one of the 'green' lines we carry.  It's 98% natural and is full of certified organic essences.  This line is making sure that they are maintaining  their environmental edge by using post consumer packaging and making sure that natural ingredients are always used.


-small container

-great smell


-doesn't add too much shine

-dullish...ah, same as above...

-need too many pumps to achieve shine

To sum it up, I didn't like it.  It says it's a serum but it comes out like lotion.  I feel like I'm using to much to achieve the shine and now it looks to 'heavy'. Everyone I used it on seemed to think it was nice...hmm, maybe it's me...

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We carry this make-up line at the shop and I have come to really like it. It's from right here in Winnipeg and so we are in support!  It took me  a while  to find a product that I felt could be used on a great range of skin.   The whole line is available for applications at the shop but we only retail the glosses...


-very conditioning

-good coating without being too thick


-lots of shades too choose from


-on darker skin you need a lot more to see the gloss 'color'

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So that's it for this week.  Natural Shine Serum by Essensity?  Not really diggin' it.

PROVICI Gloss? I liked it.

Done, and done, that was the fresh perspective...