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Here we are again. Another year has gone by and as soon as the Christmas decorations are out, the day of love decorations come in.  It's funny, when you're single I think Valentine's Day holds so much more weight.  When I was single I was never a fan of the day but I would always fantasize about how amazing that day would be.  He'd show up at my work and sweep me up into his arms, then he would look deep into my eyes and tell me how amazing I was and how he couldn't live without me in his life.  He then would present me with round trip tickets to Italy.  Too  much? Nah, I was was amazing in my head. Whenever I'd ask my friends who were in relationships what they did they were so boring about it.  "Nothing", "We just went for dinner", "We saw a movie", "We don't celebrate it..."  What?!  That's it?!!  No swept feet and no round-trip tickets?  Nope, never's ok O, I still love you... ;)

There is no right or wrong thing to do today because it's just another day.  It's just another day to go to work, to get sick, to go to the mall, to run some errands, to insert-any-action.  February 14th is just another day.  I'm not against this day because I think for some people this day validates so much in their relationships.  I'm not against this day because I think that it's nice to get a reminder if at least once a year to tell the ones we love.  I'm not against this day because, let's face it, I'm married and will probably get a nice dinner out of this.

If you are single, just keep doing what you do (as someone who is in a relationship V day is ok, I like my birthday better)... That was a lame  attempt to make it seem like today's not that exciting...did it work?...  If you are in a relationship, you should do something even if it's just saying I Love You. Telling that special someone how you feel shouldn't be reserved for today only but all the days...  So to the 'taken' and the 'not taken' - Happy day of Love!!! Muah!! XOXO