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La Familia...


Hey...  So this weekend was the best.  1) I decided what to do with my hair, so stay tuned for the photo of the finished 'do and 2) I had my family photos done today and they were miraculous.  Just got me thinking on this whole kids thing... It's for some and not for others.  I am the first to say that having kids in your life is nothing short of busy/fun/maddening/ (I could go on) but every once in a while they do give you perspective on things that you would never experience without them.  This whole perspective thing works even if you don't HAVE your own child.  If you were involved in the life of a child you gain so much more perspective on what life really is about. Pause. How many more times can I say perspective...

It takes two people to make one person and every single one of us today was a bi-product.  If no one had kids where would we be? I think that I'm a pretty alright person, but now I have kids and that will challenge the being that is me.  I know that sometimes I will rise to the occasion and at other times I will fail. It will not deter me from giving it all I got from now on because lets face it, they'll be around long after I'm gone and I would hope that they too will be alright people (I hope they have good hair...)