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Change. It. Up.


It was a pretty busy couple weeks at the shop and I have noticed that a lot of people were doing completely different things to their hair.  One young lady with dreds cut them off after five years, a few die-hard blondes went dark and some legit brunettes lightened up.  It got me thinking about my hair... I'm getting a little bored of my lid and I think I need a new do.  The problem is that I think that I've done it all pretty much....

What can I do now for a change?  Is there ever a time when it actually is impossible to change?  If so, in what area of life does that actually apply?  I should also mention that I guess anything I do would be a change but I don't want to do something that I have done already.  I wanna do something brand new and exciting!  I should also mention that I will NOT ever be relaxing my hair even thought  I know that is a change.

You know what?  I'm bored, I need a change and I'm open to suggestions...