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Haterade anyone?


So, things are going pretty good at the shop and I seem to be getting a hang of this crazy 'I'm a mother/boss/wife/' existence but I can't help daydreaming about the lives other people around me lead.  Having a full year of maternity, getting paid to stay in shape, or travelling to new parts of the world every year would be AMAZING. And before I know it, I'm downing a cold glass of haterade...I know, I know, it's uncool to admit but hey, I'm admitting... It seems that no matter how good things get we can always rely on our human side to feel a little something negative.  I call it hating, or in an attempt to dress it up, having a little bit of haterade.  Every now and then I find myself filling up a tall glass with some freshly squeezed haterade.  I know that it's one of the many traits humans have.   We all are guilty of it, some worse than others.  It's innate to feel a little jealous or wish something our neighbour/friends/colleagues had could belong to us if even for a moment?  You know what I'm talking about...the grass always seems to be a bit greener?    For example, I wish right now that I had my Christmas cards sent out and the gift list ready to go.  One of my clients told me that she has mailed all her cards already and is pretty much set for the holidays.  What?!  I mean hey, that was me too before I took on the world...   May I have a glass of haterade please? Actually can you make it a double?  I was instantly jealous and wished I was her...

I think that if we pay attention to what makes us jealous and why we are jealous then maybe we could use it for good and not evil (ha! feels like something a super hero would say...). For instance, instead of hating on my lady friend for her organized ways I could take a hint from her and attempt to get my Christmas act together.  Feeling jealous about things people have accomplished is so remedial, instead of feeling jealous because they did something, use that energy to find out how you can accomplish something.  Because of my lady friend, I will have my Christmas cards ready by the week's end.  Just like that, I have turned my jealousy into something positive.  She had made me realize that I need to be MORE organized now than I ever was.

Never for a second think that someone's life is better than yours or someone's partner is better than yours, or someone's job is better than yours, unless of course it actually is...the job part I mean.  And if someone's job IS better than yours and you hate your job, do what you can to try to rectify your situation.  Stop downing glass after glass of haterade, because the more of that stuff that you drink, the worse you'll feel, and nothing will be accomplished...ever.