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So as I was driving to work the other day I started to consider the word permanent.  Permanent. It can mean many things...  In the world of hair it means a color that can cover grey, a change from poker straight to ultra curly (perm aka permanent), or the opposite (curly to straight).  In the real world it can be related to things like tattoos, Botox, tummy tucks and boob jobs just to name a few...

Really what IS permanent?  We all know that even after you get that permanent color your greys will return and the perm in your hair will start to grow out.  Tattoos fade and cosmetic surgery must be updated to maintain its 'permanency'.

Definition: Permanent


1.Existing perpetually; everlasting, esp. without significant change.
2.Intended to exist or function for a long, indefinite period without regard to unforeseeable conditions: a permanent employee; the permanent headquarters of the United Nations.
3.Long-lasting or nonfading: permanent pleating; permanent ink.
4.Also called permanent wave . A wave or curl that is set into the hair by the application of a special chemical preparation and that remains for a number of months.
In short, nothing is permanent.  The word, I think, is one that is used when we want to denote something that is serious or legitimate. When you let someone know that something is permanent they know that it is intended to be long-lasting, a for sure thing....but it isn't...  I feel like knowing that nothing is permanent would make me want to live life a little less stressed. If I sound like a broken record on the particular topic of 'living life', I cannot help it.  That's always the silver lining to any thing I write about.  Life is too short to get uptight about stuff.
One of my clients has had blond hair for over five years and last night she colored it darker to prepare for the onslaught of cold weather we are about to partake in.  I gave her some serious dap for stepping outside the box and trying something that seemed to be unchangeable.  I assured her that it wasn't permanent and if she ever wanted to change it we could. I wish some other things in life would be as easy as changing your hair color...oh well...