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Praise Okwumabua : Owner/Master Stylist

WHAT WAS THE WORST PUNISHMENT YOU RECEIVED AT SCHOOL?  “I had to write an essay to the school board explaining why I did what I did.  Don't ask what I did...”

WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU WOULD DO FOR LOVE OR MONEY? “Nothing never for money, but for love? For love, there isn't anything I wouldn't do.  I would shave my head, I would eat a gross thing, I would...wait. I would shave my head.  That is all.”

IF YOU WERE A SALAD, WHAT KIND OF DRESSING WOULD YOU HAVE? “Italian! Obvi! Wait, that's not obvious at all." *insert eye roll*

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Amy Zacharias : Master Stylist

IF YOU COULD BUY ANY TYPE OF FOOD WHAT WOULD YOU BUY? “I'd love a burrito right now."

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE THE MOST? “Rollin Reimer.  My Grandpa.  Has there ever been a more incredible human??”

IF YOU COULD BE ANY FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM, WHAT ICE CREAM FLAVOR WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? “Mint chocolate chip.  In my humble opinion, it's the only flavor of ice cream that exists.”

Olivia Boland : Senior Stylist

CHOOSE A MOVIE TITLE FOR THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. “"The least entertaining movie you'll ever watch" or "Cute Kitten Babies and Me."  You're intrigued right???"

HOW OFTEN ARE YOU LATE FOR WORK? “I'm obsessed with NOT being late, so the rare time that I am, it's not my fault.”

WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU WHILE ON VACATION? "A woman taught me how to dance on a boat while balancing a tray of drinks on her head.  True story.  Scout's honor.”

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Olive Klassen : New Talent Stylist

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? “Dog walker. Jk. Freshair Boutique." -wink-wink-

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY? “Petting my dog Penny. I love you Penny!”


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Niasha Mckoy : New Talent Stylist

WHAT IS THE MOST INTERESTING THING YOU HAVE IN YOUR PURSE/WALLET? "I always carry my first $2 bill that I got in Las Vegas.  Don't ask...

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTER AND WHY? “Gerald from "Hey Arnold".  That hair!”

WHAT IS ONE THING THAT ANNOYS YOU THE MOST? “When someone proceeds to tell me something that they have already told me.  C'mon, focus already...”

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Leah Single : Salon Manager

WHAT WAS THE WORST PUNISHMENT YOU RECEIVED AT SCHOOL? "Grade 4 - had to stand against the wall after throwing a tiny rock…I was devastated.. My mom was my substitute teacher that day to top it all off, she was not impressed. This may explain why I was a goodie-goodie for the rest of my school life! To be fair though...she threw them first."

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU COULD TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF THAT OTHERS WILL BE SHOCKED TO KNOW? "I am a full-scale karaoke addict. Not even ashamed of it."

DO YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHERE IS IT LOCATED AND WHAT DOES IT STAND FOR? "Yep. Just one for now. Wildflowers, written on my ribs (RIP Tommy P)"