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For Trayvon


This post is for a young boy who lost his life last year.  It was a senseless crime.  Oh wait!  It was NOT a crime because the murderer was set free today! I started perusing the inter web to learn more about this tragedy and came across a photo of Trayvon's dead body!  How is it possible that I could see this young man's lifeless corpse?  What's going on?!  Where is the privacy?  How did this image get leaked onto the internet?!

What type of world do we live in?!  How can anyone say that justice was served on July 13th at all?!  What type of world do I want to live in?  I have children! I have young children that I hope one day will become great pillars in their community.  But WHAT kind of community will they be a part of?   How am I supposed to find a silver lining in this at all?!  I'm just saddened and sickened.

I've seen countless instagram/twitter/facebook posts of vegans getting bossy, and animal rights folks getting sassy, and vegetarians pointing fingers... How come none of us are as passionate about each other?!  How come none of us are as passionate about HUMAN LIFE?!  Especially the lives of our youth that will one day shape our communities...

I'm not sure what else to say.  I have so many mixed emotions, I have so many questions, I am so very confused, and angry and hurt...  There must be a silver lining.  There must.  Even for me.  Even for his family, friends and anyone who cares about human life.

Peace(but really, is there?)