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O's Book Club

Freshair Boutique

1Q84-Haruki Murakami

This fatty is a project but it is definitely worth it! Set in an alternate universe, two intriguing stories that, at first don’t seem related but as it evolves, you see it all come together. I can’t explain much without this being 4 paragraphs long but if you like dystopian novels, this one is an awesome and unique experience!


Rebecca-Daphne du Maurier

I’m often skeptical of older classics. They are notorious for a reason but I usually find them boring. This one did not fit that bill. It is not written in some old timey, flowery language aka, super easy to follow. It’s creepy and mysterious right from the beginning and you truly don’t know where it’s going until the very end. Definitely give it a shot if you’re into suspense!


The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

You wake up, it’s dark. You get off work, it’s dark. If it’s sunny out, it’s dangerously cold. Winnipeg winter’s are challenging in so many ways. When the elements are literally working against you, it can seem inevitable that many of us start to feel the winter blues.

It can feel like such a chore to even leave the house in winter. Between bundling up, warming up your car and the slow, dangerous driving, we spend a lot of extra time getting from point A to point B. This can make it that much harder to leave your home if you don’t absolutely have to. It can feel comforting to just stay home and be cozy with Netflix but after a few months of this, it’s hard not to feel lonely and claustrophobic.

Some things that can help lift your spirits and keep you sane through the rest of the season are:

  • Start to pay attention to how many more minutes of sun we are getting each day. We forget that the shortest day is long behind us. It can make you feel more hopeful when you notice that we are getting more daylight already!

  • Start a list of things you want to do once the snow starts to melt or we get warmer temperatures. Having something to focus on and look forward to can keep your spirits up.

  • Try to do one activity or task that gets you out of your house and PJs to break up your day. It doesn’t have to be anything adventurous. Grab a coffee or visit a friend. It can feel good to get out and accomplish something before you have a lazy evening doing nothing.

It can seem like winter will never end but it always does. If we’re always wishing away half the year, then we can’t complain when summer seems to fly by as well. This is just a part of living where we do. All we can control is our attitude, so try to stay positive and embrace the season!


-the fresh perspective…

How To: Stop The Monday Blues

Freshair Boutique

one. Identify the problem.

Is there a lingering thought in your mind that seems overwhelming as you begin each week? Whether it's an unfinished project, an unfinished conversation or a work related issue. Take some time to get to the bottom of this to ease that anxious feeling at the beginning of each week.


two. Get enough sleep.

Sometimes weekends can seem busier than your week. This is a recipe for disaster for the upcoming week. Make sure you get enough sleep on the weekend as they really are there to help you recharge.


three. Be positive.

If you go into a week with a bad attitude, you're going to have a bad week. Or, at least a bad start to your week. Monday is just another day and will be over before you know it! If you go into the day ready for action, the chances of it flying by will be much more likely.


four. Make someone else happy.

The feeling of bringing joy to someone, making them smile, may be just what you need to snap you out of your Monday funk. Bring a co-worker their favourite coffee, tell a friend how much you love them, or make your [family, spouse, partner, kids] their favourite dinner. Even the smallest gestures make a difference and will make you feel happier while making someone else smile.


five. Dress like a pro.

If you go into Monday with a drab outfit you may not be able to help but feel a little sluggish. Try spicing up your wardrobe and wearing some bright fun colours, or adding a bright tuque. This is an easy way to put a little pep in your step.

six. Turn up the tunes!

Monday's are allowed to feel like a party. Get that speaker on and rock out while you get ready or while you drive to work. Seriously, this works.

seven. surround yourself with positive people.

- It really makes a difference who you surround yourself with. Always feel like so and so is putting a damper on everything, regardless of the topic? Maybe spend less time socializing with that person, or, check in with them to see if everything is okay. It's draining to complain or be around a complainer. If it were me, I'd prefer to know I was doing it so I could snap out of it!


eight. book a hair appointment ;)

Book in for a Monday blow dry and let our stylists work their magic hands on your head & hairs. Call 204-414-9023, we have a few stylists working on Mondays.

What makes Monday's easier for you? Do you love your job? Your co-workers? We want to know!