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Monday Blog

Freshair Boutique

Pop Cart!


Pop Cart was created by two Winnipeg locals, Angela & Alana. Starting back in 2015, having a goal to bring Winnipeg a better ice pop, they’ve become pro’s in ice cold treats! They specialize in premium handmade ice pops all made with care while keeping quality as the top priority. Each pop is made with the best possible ingredients and they are constantly working to bring around new exciting, tasty flavours!

Even more exciting news, they have just opened up a shop in South Osborne called Black Market Provisions. Along with an incredible selection of homemade goods (lots of vegan options), frozen & fresh too just to top it off, they carry an array of knicknacks and cute things to gift or show off in your home. They also offer the POPS here as well! So get outside for an end-of-Summer stroll and grab one for yourself!


I Sceam for Ice Cream

Freshair Boutique

Do you have a go-to ice cream spot?

One of the O.G. ice cream pit stops has got to be BDI. It’s location in Elm Park allows it to be an absolutely beautiful bike ride or walk, any time of day. The family business has been passed down several generations over the last 55 years, and it only seems to be getting better!


The most recent news is that they have partnered with our neighbors, Jenna Rae Cakes, to provide you with some one-of-a-kind flavours. Legitimately almost too pretty to eat!


There are quite a few ice cream places popping up around the city - which I have zero problem with :). Do you have a go-to spot, other than BDI? I know a lot of them are beginning to cater to the vegan consumer, which is wonderful! Vegans like sweets too! (Or so I hear).

Get out and enjoy some ice cream this week!