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Monday Blog

Freshair Boutique

Dating ain’t easy, but this could help!


Hit up a patio and relax

  • There are some great patios around the city! To name a few, Cibo on Waterfront, Infernos, and The Roost rooftop patio… (Also, looking for more suggestions always)

  • Rumor’s Comedy Club

    • Hear me out - I know stand up comedy is not everybody’s jam but seriously… What’s a better way to loosen up a little bit than laughing your brains out to start out the night? Scope out their calendar to see who’s coming up in the near future, I’ve never had a bad time. I guess just double check your date is into it, as sometimes people get real uncomfortable.

  • Go for a bike ride

    • Even bike ride to a patio! Even better!

  • A romantic stroll through Leo Mol Garden

    • So cute. Casual stroll on a warm summer evening. Can’t go wrong! Even smarter? Start the walk off at Sargent Sundae and grab a treat for the walk.

  • Deluca’s cooking class

    • I personally have not done this, but have only heard great things. Good food, great company, perfect combo.


Hit up your fun friends for a double date

  • This is perfect at any stage of your relationship. If it’s early on it’s a great way to feel comfortable immediately since you’re paired with some of your close friends for the evening. And, they could also pump your tires a little bit which is a win.

  • Goldeyes Baseball Game

    • These games are so affordable and always a good time! Could be fun to go with a group of friends as well.

  • Movie in the park

    • A smart piece of advice is to check out the mosquito situation prior to committing to this. The last scenario you want to be in is getting really irritated to the point of crying because the bugs just won’t quit. (Maybe a little extreme, but hey, we all have our days).

That is my go to list for dates here in the city. I hope it helps! If you have suggestions or other go to creative ideas, leave a comment! Whether it’s a first date or a 50th date, we all need to spend some time with the ones we love…or just like ;).


The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Race season is upon us. If you are a runner, you may be thinking of doing a race. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a beginner, it can be very intimidating to get started. One thing you can always remind yourself is that running is a solo sport. You get to set your own pace, goals and you don’t have to worry about anyone else. There’s no outside pressure so don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy the process.


If you’ve never run a day in your life, my advice is download the “Couch to 5k” app. It’s a perfectly paced 9 week program to ease you into running at a very realistic, comfortable pace. You’ll be so proud when you get to that 30 minute run at the end that you may even want to move on to the 5k-10k program. But one thing at a time. ;)

If you’re already a runner but are looking to try out a race you’ve never done before, good for you! It’s great to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Here are my top tips for race training:

-Talk to other runners who’ve run the race you’re looking to do. Ask what they struggled with during training and during the race. What helped them? You’ll save yourself a lot of grief and googling.


-Get good runners! I cannot stress this enough. It is not worth running long distances in uncomfortable shoes that lack support. Go to a running store, not the mall. Talk to the people who work there and try on 20 pairs. Don’t skimp on price if the fit is right. This is so important.


-Listen to your body. Trust your body. Honor your body. Every body is different and we all run differently. If something doesn’t feel right, give yourself a break. Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t compare yourself to others. Practice gratitude with every run. You are very privileged to have a healthy body, don’t take that for granted.

Good luck and have fun!

-the fresh perspective…