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Bump on it


Snapseed+8Now that I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy I'm struggling a little with my wardrobe.  Thank god it hasn't been too hot but there are only so many maxi dresses I can buy.  Fortunately I gained more weight around my lower half so I can fit into most of my old jackets. sweaters and cardigans.

hatch5I've long given up on wearing heels but because I have such wide feet, not all flat styles work.  I've resorted to Birkenstocks and the occasional converse (when I can get help to lace them up) .  Layers also make me feel good when I'm pregnant.  I did a lot of vests and long sweaters in the spring as the weather was thawing.  For some reason, this pregnancy, I've been really exposing my bump.  I've been wearing things that show off the shape and you know what, I'm comfortable with it.

jacket over tank

hoodie over tank

chambray over tank maxi, i'm noticing a trend..

Gone are the days of mumu's and shapeless shifts folks!  It's a new day to show your bump off.  If you are in Winnipeg, check out Bump Maternity for some great outfits.  They are our neighbors at the shop so if you're in for a 'do' and are expecting?  Check them out.