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Did you know? National Men Make Dinner Day

Freshair Boutique

Okay - here we go.

If you are like most of us here at Freshair, you likely didn't know this past Thursday was ‘National Men Make Dinner Day’. I know the first reaction, my first reaction, is ARE YOU FOR REAL? Why is this a thing? All this is doing is enforcing the stereotype of women in the kitchen, etc… But what if we chose a different way of looking at this? What if we just laugh at this for what it is?


In today's day and age, we expect a less traditional way of thinking and share responsibilities of preparing meals each and every day and making sure there is a decent wholesome meal on the table. This is 100% rational and the way it should be. However, that doesn't mean that the majority of people actually live like this. I think there is still a lot of work to do on this front but it is hilarious to me to think that some men don't know how to cook a meal. That is why I choose to look at this and laugh and think, who's the sucker that doesn't know how to feed himself?


The jyst - Parents, teach your children how to cook. Already an adult and was never taught? Pull out a recipe or Pinterest page and get crackin’. Be the best you can be and help your partner out around the house - REGARDLESS OF YOUR GENDER.

I read a few articles on this topic and most of them held a very angry tone. Instead, let’s laugh together and if you missed this past Thursday, try to convince them it’s actually the second Thursday in November ;)

-the fresh perspective.

Put your money where your your mouth is...


What a great weekend I had!  Yesterday I went to a fundraising event put on by the Israel Idonije Foundation and met so many wonderful people.  There were so many key people in attendance that were/are an integral part of the growth and viability of the IIF.  I was lucky enough to meet them and spend some time with some heavy hitters.

All in all we raised over $50,000 dollars!  I was so astounded and proud of the work that my brother has been doing.  During a little promotional video they showed, I realized just then how there is so much more that I could be doing in the field of philanthropy.

I believe that there is something each and every one of us can DO, even though our chequing accounts aren't deep and we don't ride in luxury sedans...  There is always a way that you can help someone everyday.  You don't have to go to a soup kitchen regularly or sponsor a young child abroad.  You can help your old lady neighbor by raking her leaves, or donate your used books, or donate your time.  I really believe that I don't have to tell you how to help.  We, as humans, know right from wrong.  We know a 'good' thing over a 'bad' thing and are all capable of DOING.

This week I urge you to check out the Israel Idonije Foundation and see how you can help.  If you can put your money where your mouth is, that's great!  If not, just telling others about his work is just as important.  Your words alone can motivate someone to help.