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the fresh perspective...


The Pencil Skirt Anatomy-of-the-Pencil-SkirtMaybe it's because I saw some leaves on the ground or maybe it's cause I've been binge watching SUITS.  Fall is coming and the pencil skirt is... Well, the pencil skirt is so sexy, feminine and practical.  Most body types can work this skirt but depending on your physique you may need to ALWAYS wear heels to make the look complete.

tumblr_inline_mksw0b0hMU1qdnwykThe image above is a lady without heels but because of her body type, it works.  If you're a little thick in the middle or very short stemmed, the sneakers may not be the best way to go.  If you have a very small waist and some curves, then the pencil skirt can work to your advantage.  The image below has the skirt belted to show how sleek this look can be and to highlight the smallness of her waist.

tumblr_lzm8o4yja91rn071mo1_500August is almost over and while you're thinking of your new fall hair, what about your new fall wardrobe?  You the pencil skirt type?  Would you ever try one?  As fast as the summer started, it's almost done and as someone who ADORES the hot sun, I love fall.  I love layers and sweaters and wool.  I love boots and toques and vests.  As soon as I can get my baby belly under control I'm going to purchase a few pencil skirts to add to my fall wardrobe and channel my inner Jessica Pearson...  That's the fresh perspective...