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the fresh perspective...



Yup, this has been my  'facial cleansing' regimen for the past two years and I have probably only had three zits.  I will say that prior to using the cloth I had pretty good skin but seemed to have some sporadic issues.  Since using the cloth I have had absolutely NO issues.

This cloth works wonders and is virtually free.  You buy it once and can use it forever...sort of... You actually can't use anything forever but you get what I'm laying down right?

I have two that I use and I haven't had to buy facial cleanser since.  There are a few odd things about it though... 1) It doesn't travel well.  I prefer not to take cloths/towels with me when I travel, the whole moist cloth thing in my luggage kinda bugs me (I'm relegated to using face wash when I am on the road).    2) I  hate the smell.  After about a weeks use, the cloth develops a real mogey scent.  It sucks. You do get used to it though.  I leave mine hanging on the towel rack so it can dry by the evening but...alack and alas, it still smells.

So, if you can get over the weird smell (I think to clean it you can boil it for five minutes...) AND you like to save money, just try this cloth.  Just try.  It is a miracle worker at removing make-up and keeping your skin fresh and clean with only water.  That's the fresh perspective...

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